Google Chrome Gets Designer Themes


Google has announced that it’s let some top designers have a bash at designing their own skins for its Chrome browser, and the results are pretty elegant.

The James White offering is our favourite for now :)

The James White offering is our favourite for now 🙂

Google Chrome’s themes are an excellent addition, and one we’d long hoped to see carried on in a similar style, however the latest move to allow folks with an eye for design like Wes Craven, Marc Ecko and Vivianne Westwood to design their own skins for Google Chrome lends a touch of elegance to the whole affair that’s difficult to deny.

Google’s product marketing manager, Kate Hammond said of the new designs that they’re, “A bit like painting your nails to match your outfit, or changing your make-up to reflect the occasion, we’ve found that people like to customise their technology too.”

While we don’t like to have the border of our browsers likened to make-up and nail polish (being as we are at the moment, an all man office) we are very fond of Google Chrome’s lightweight approach to browsing, so we’re also quite pleased with the option to make it look a little more pleasant.

The new themes can be found over at the Chrome Artists page, and they’re just a touch more likeable than most of the original Google Chrome themes… except for Grass, we like Grass an awful lot.


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