Hotmail Passwords Posted Online


Microsoft has announced that it is investigating details of a phishing scheme which has culminated in the publication online of “thousands” of Windows Live Hotmail accounts.

windows live hotmail logo

The one is of particular relevance because of the revelation that most of the accounts whose details have been published online were those belonging to European users, so if you have a Hotmail inbox you haven’t checked in a while it might be worth taking a look at. Microsoft has also stated that it has locked all effected accounts, so if you’re suddenly having trouble getting at your mail then that could certainly be the issue.

Microsoft’s decision to lock the accounts is actually surprisingly proactive, considering the relatively untenable situation that the wide scale comprising of users accounts leaves it in.

Naturally, it’s hardly an ideal situation to be left in for those effected though, so Microsoft has posted a link to a form users who feel they’ve been effected can follow through to have their account unlocked again. It might be a bit of a headache, but it’s certainly far better than just letting the accounts sit there, potentially under the control of whoever orchestrated the scheme.

You should check out the Microsoft page about the whole affair if you’re at all interested. For the most part it’s Microsoft warning people about scammers and phishing in general (telling people to change passwords every 90 days, etc.). It’s also the only place to go to have your account unlocked, so it’s worth hitting up for that much at least 😉


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