Hotmail Phishers Hit Gmail, Yahoo


The same phishing scheme that resulted in around 10,000 users Hotmail account details being posted online has reportedly hit Gmail and Yahoo as well.

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According to the BBC’s report on the phished accound details, which include the requisite passwords to sign in to accounts, the initial reports of around ten thousand Windows Live Hotmail account names and passwords being published online don’t mention the impact on other email providers. It’s interesting to note that with the news that Yahoo and Gmail users are effected, Microsoft’s handling of the situation is only looking better.

Microsoft’s response was to post a notice in an attempt to make users aware that their accounts may have been compromised and then to lock effected accounts immediately. MS then posted a form by which users could plead their cases and get their accounts back, which basically means effected Hotmail users are pretty well looked after.

The real question now is how Yahoo and Gmail (and the handful of other services whose users’ data has been compromised) will respond to the news that the details of some 20,000 accounts, again, along with passwords, were posted publically.

Much as it’s easy to shrug things like this off with, “Well, phishers will be phishers, if you’re dumb enough to pass out your account details you get what you deserve,” and we imagine many have already, but it’s impressive to see Microsoft stand up and help its compromised users as it has.

If you’re interested in more details, then you should take a look at the BBC’s article on the mass account insecurity.


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