Google Launches Browser Education


Google has launched a new page to educate people about their own web browsers, apparently in response to the fact that a lot us don’t seem to know just what a web browser actually is.

Google Browser Education

Google’s Chrome may not be the most popular browser on earth, but when Google sent out its charming “Scott from Google” to ask people on the street what a web browser is, it turned out an awful lot of people just couldn’t answer the question properly. While many of us technical types sat in our silicon towers and giggled, Google has been working on a page to teach those who don’t know just what a browser does.

The end result is, an incredibly cheerful and friendly web page that basically outlines exactly what it is that a web browser does as well as helpfully informing you which browser you’re using. The whole thing is carried across in a simple pastel style that reinforces the general Early Learning Centre feel of the whole thing.

The whole thing is charming, and it seems geared towards changing people’s minds, or at least making people realise that they have choices in the browser space. If nothing else, the general trend that Google seems to have uncovered is one in which people simply don’t know what a browser is, which goes some way to explaining the high userbase for Internet Explorer, it being the default browser on Windows machines.

It’s interesting to see Google make an honest attempt to grapple with its potential users not understanding a product, but the real questions is, how will this help Google? It’s hard to see the page getting too much traffic from the people it will help most.


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