Airport Security to Use Wii Fit?


It’s been revealed that Homeland Security researchers are using Nintendo’s Wii Fit Balance Board in an effort to understand more about the manner in which threatening people behave in airports.

wii fit

Nintendo’s Wii Fit weight/balance sensor has been a piece of hardware whose accuracy has been consistently pretty impressive given its price and fact that it grew up for a console that’s considered by many to be “underpowered” in this generation. Now, word comes from TomsGuide that the Wii Balance Board has now seen use in a research project funded by the US department of Homeland Security.

Essentially, the Wii Balance Board’s ability to measure weight distribution and balance accurately could be used as an aid to security workers attempting to identify whether an individual is behaving suspiciously. It’s certainly interesting to see a piece of technology that grew up with such different aims in mind being used to effectively measure body language, but it’s a piece of research that, if accurate, could well prove itself phenomenally useful.

For our money though, we’re still a bit more impressed by the ski jumping minigame in Wii Fit, it will likely remain the most useful piece of software involving the balance board for years to come. Still, the project is to be rolled out for field testing in 2011, and it could well prove a very interesting piece of hardware indeed, if only for the fact that it could be used to offer a non-intrusive way of gauging people’s moods in an airport.


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