Dell Building Android Phone


Dell’s long-awaited entry to the mobile phone market is finally starting to look a little more solid with the news that the company is to bring an Android smartphone to the US with AT&T. So far there’s no word of a European release.

Dell Logo

For now we know relatively little about Dell’s upcoming smartphone other than the fact that it’s to run Google’s Android OS and that, if it follows on from the proof of concept of a Dell smartphone that was shown off during summer, it will boast a capacitance-based touch-screen and no keyboard. So far there’s been no comment on the news, which was outed in a report from the Wall Street Journal, from Dell, Google or AT&T, but we’d imagine that confirmation isn’t too far off.

For now we’re just interested to see what form of Android we see on a Dell device. Given the OS’s vast customisability and Dell’s experience with UIs outside of the phone industry, we could see some really interesting ideas from a non-Apple device with a touch-screen as its sole unput, though that’s something we’ll have to just wait and see about. It would certainly be interesting to see if Dell can make a big enough splash in the smartphone market enough to upset Apple’s iPhone dominance.

Its interesting to see Android’s gradual rise to popularity continued with the news that we’ll likely see a Dell smartphone running Google’s OS. Android certainly seems to have had a rocky start, with both phones and netbooks sporting the OS in pretty fundamentally different flavours. It’s nice to see the mobile OS gaining more traction as it develops.

Anyone interested in Android (or even Google’s Chrome OS) should take a look at our Android Live CD post[], which is a fairly entertaining way to spend an afternoon if you’ve got the inclination.


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