Microsoft Calls Own Websites “Horrific”


Microsoft has been pretty stony in descriptions of its own presentation on the web, using words like “horrific” to make sure we’re in no doubt as to how it feels about its own web pages.


The Register is reporting on some of Microsoft’s perceived difficulties in communicating effectively, not least of which being issues with its web pages. In a statement that’s best described using terms like “disconcertingly honest,” Microsoft’s, Scott Dodds has described the manner in which Microsoft markets itself by saying that, “We as a business are not doing a good enough job of showing partners what to specifically sell to customers.”

Naturally, you’d thing that might be the worst statement a single man could come out with in a single day, but Dodds went on to say that, “Our websites are horrific and we’ve got to be much clearer about what we have to offer.” In that respect at least, it’s very difficult to disagree with Dodds.

The vast majority of Microsoft’s pages users are expected to take useful information from tend to be cluttered walls of text, with relatively little to give the reader any indication of just where attention should be focuses. Add to that the myriad links and sidebars and it quickly becomes clear that some of Microsoft’s most readable sites are its blogs… which likely isn’t doing them too many favours, despite their popularity.

Still, the news from Microsoft’s own Microsoft Partner Network event that voices inside Microsoft consider their web presentation to be an issue means that it’s quite likely we’ll see something done to make the whole thing a little less painful.

If you’d like to read more about the Microsoft Partner Network event, you should check out The Register’s article on it.


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