Windows 8 Going 128-bit?


Rumours that Microsoft is already working on Windows (and indeed, Windows 9) have seemed a practical reality for a long time now, but word that Microsoft is considering a 128-bit OS is very interesting indeed.

Windows 8 Logo

News comes via ArsTechnica that planning for Windows 7’s successors has already been underway for quite some time, but what’s particularly interesting isn’t the news that Microsoft is already working on a new OS before seeing just how Windows 7 rubs its audience after its October 22nd release, but the news that Microsoft is considering the possibility of adding 128-bit support to Windows 8.

The news basically comes via an update to Microsoft’s Robert Morgan’s LinkedIn profile, which (for those of you not into the LinkedIn idea) basically lets you keep people in your business network up to date on what you’re working on at the moment. Apparently, Morgan updated his status to say,

“Robet Morgan is working to get IA-128 working backwards with full binary compatibility on the existing IA-64 instructions in the hardware simulation to work for Windows 8 and definitely Window 9.”

While there’s been relatively little official word, Morgan’s update as to just what he’s been working on (which has since been removed, it seems) leaves relatively little doubt that Microsoft is, at the very least, seriously considering adding 128-bit support to Windows 8.

Hoefully by then we’ll all have the hardware to take advantage of it 😉

If you’d like to read more about the idea of a 128-bit version of Windows and just how well it fits into Microsoft’s general plan for Windows 7 and Windows 8 then it’s worth giving the ArsTechnica article on it a look, though be warned it’s both quite technical and very long.


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7 Responses to “Windows 8 Going 128-bit?”

  1. Alex Leonard Says:

    Considering how long it’s taken for companies to actually start supporting 64-bit, I can only imagine that 128-bit support won’t actually be a reality for the best part of a decade, even if Windows 8 supports it.

    I mean, 64-bit has been around since what, about 2001 (from a consumer OS point of view), and yet still, running a 64-bit OS results in most applications being installed in the 32-bit emulation environment.

    This has recently been a particularly nasty thorn in my side with certain music applications causing an awful lot of hassle. I’ve had to plumb for a 32-bit install on my system, resulting in my 6Gb of RAM being wasted. Whilst Steinberg have a 64-bit version of Cubase 5, Propellerheads Reason/Record doesn’t, and Apple have failed to launch a 64-bit version of QuickTime, meaning that when working on film stuff in 64-bit I can’t actually play .mov files within Cubase. Not very helpful.

    Not to mention high-grade plugins which also just don’t work at all, even in the 32-bit emulation mode.


    • komplettie Says:

      I’ve encountered issues with Reason and Garageband not talking to each other correctly since the Snow Leopard update, though for the life of me I have no idea if this is something I can chalk up to ReWire behaving badly under 64-bit conditions.

      The lack of support for 64-bit environments can be very frustrating indeed, but the gradual uptake is growing. I have a feeling that Windows 7 is going to be the straw that broke the 32-bit camel’s back for a lot of people 😉

      • Alex Leonard Says:

        Aye, I spoke to Propellerheads support about it and they had no suggestion as to when ReWire would bridge the 64-bit end of things. I would have thought with the recent Record release they had a perfect opportunity to sort out a 64-bit version of ReWire, Record and Reason.


      • komplettie Says:

        I was sure Record had just come out of beta, but it’s saddening to hear that it won’t be launching with a 64-bit version of ReWire. I suppose if the demand for it isn’t there then it’s just not there… At the moment it seems that for those who use a Reason/GarageBand confluence the solution is to just export everything and do the GB stuff at the end, which is hardly ideal :/

      • Alex Leonard Says:

        Record has just been released a few weeks back – it’s a nice addition to Reason and addresses a bunch of issues I had with Reason, barring the 64-bit end of things.

        Fortunately I can run a 64-bit OS and run Cubase/Reason in 32-bit mode – not sure if GarageBand has the option to run in 32-bit emulation but that would/should sort out the ReWire issue.

        Of course it’s not ideal to be running these apps in 32-bit emulation as you’re missing out on all that lovely RAM, but, at least running in 32-bit emulation would leave the 64-bit addressable RAM to be utilised by the OS and other 64-bit apps, meaning that all your 32-bit addressable space could be accessed by Cubase/Reason/GarageBand.

        In theory..

      • komplettie Says:

        I’d not considered just dropping Garageband down to 32-bit, which makes a the whole thing a lot easier. There’s an option to just run GB as a 32-bit app, so I’ll give that a go and see how ReWire sits 🙂

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