Facebook Issues Ongoing


Due to a database issue, some proportion of Facebook users have been having accessing their accounts over the last few days, but the problem seems not to be going away.


Facebook officially acknowledged that it was aware of the issue on its company blog, revealing that it knew the problem to have stemmed from a database issue, saying that, “We are currently experiencing a technical issue with one of our databases that is resulting in an extended period of maintenance for some users. We are working on a fix now and hope to have this resolved in the next 24 hours.

Now though, that 24 hours has stretched on for around the three day mark, with comments on Facebook’s company blog starting to look fairly ticked off with the fact that users are unable to access their accounts. Perhaps the worst part is that the error effected users are seeing is the completely standard “down for maintenance” message that instructs users to check back soon.

By contrast, Twitter seems to celebrate its own downtime...

By contrast, Twitter seems to celebrate its own downtime...

Personally, I seem to have been in the fairly lucky crowd for whom the issue was resolved very quickly, but the whole event seems to have shed light on an interesting facet to Facebook’s practical ubiquity. It’s interesting to see that Facebook users have come to rely on practically 100% availability, while Twitter (the service with which Facebook is increasingly compared) users seem to take a certain amount of entertainment from the semi-regular downtime and the appearance of the Fail Wail.


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