PS3 Bestseller for September


Sony’s new, slimmer, low-cost PlayStation 3 is being credited with the fact that the company seems set to take the console crown for sales in September.

PS3 Sony PlayStation 3

Sony has already celebrated the fact that it managed to sell a million of its new PlayStation 3 Slim within the first twenty days of its availability, but it’s now being reported that Sony will have had the best-selling console for the month of September. According to a TGDaily report on the subject though, the trend that saw the PS3 top the console charts this month are unlikely to be repeated in October.

Aside from all of the positive words the analysts had for the games industry in 2009, it seems strange to be so down on the expectations for Sony in October. While it almost certainly won’t be experiencing the same kind of boom that September’s price drop and new hardware brought, the release of the 250GB PS3 Slim will almost certainly catch those residual hangers on, holding out for a higher capacity drive.

The real question now is just how Microsoft will have fared; with the price drop of the Xbox 360 and its commanding lead over the PS3 until now, it seemed as though Microsoft would be in a similar position to rake in sales over the back-to-school period. Unfortunately for Microsoft, that boost seems not to have been enough for it to overcome the buzz surrounding the new PlayStation.

Of course, the less said about the PSP Go the better, while some of our Twitter followers have been most sanguine about it (Florian Stravock, we’re looking at you) the device has failed to catch on, with many blaming the high price tag (its recommended retail price puts it more expensive than a Nintedo Wii or an Xbox 360).


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