YouTube Gets New Logo


YouTube has had its logo updated to reflect the sheer volume of traffic that the service sees.


As well you might have guessed from the new logo, YouTube now serves over a billion videos every day, which is some pretty heavy use indeed, especially considering the sheer amount of data being passed around. According to the post about it on the YouTube blog (jokingly titled, Y,000,000,000uTube) they’re most pleased to have passed the one billion a day mark.

The blog also takes some time to reiterate what they feel to be the most important points about YouTube as a service, and just how they’ve remained committed to them. The first is to do with the speed at which things load, the second two do with “clip culture” (which it says is here to stay), and the last is that it remain an open platform, which it’s managed admirably.

Aside from all that, it’s also worth pointing out, if only for the giggles, that if you save YouTube’s new logo, the file name it comes down with is, “logo_holy_crap_1bn_a_day-vfl124472” which goes some way to telling you just how unexpected that degree of success must have been to the folks at YouTube.

It’s certainly interesting to plot YouTube’s rise to glory, from one of a myriad of different video hosting sites to a practically ubiquitous web service and something that’s really become part of how most people use the web day to day.

Of course, the real question people are asking is just how close is YouTube to turning that one billion videos served every day into y’know… revenue.


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