Irish Web Awards 2009 Update


Good evening everyone, this is just a very quick update to say thanks to everyone involved in getting the Irish Web Awards together on Saturday just past, the good Damien Mulley in particular.


We were up for best social media and best e-commerce site and were beaten by the fine folks at Count Me Out, who we think genuinely deserved it. Similarly, Curious Wines got the award for best e-commerce and really, they’re an excellent gang and most deserving.

All that aside, I have to say thanks to everyone who was there for putting on such an excellent night. We especially have to thank those of you we met who follow us on Twitter, including @TheJetSet, @OldManRodgers, @TrustTommy, @CianMM @Blondeleftie and @duggan (who did manage to pick up an award even if we didn’t). I never cease to be impressed by how friendly people are when we meet them out in the real world, so you guys made Saturday an excellent night. Sorry if I’ve left anyone out, don’t hesitate to pop into the comments and give out to me 😉

I guess I should also give those of you who got up and danced with us a mention, including pretty much everyone above, plus the ever charming @AlanCostello, @CloudSteph and @DarraghDoyle.

Sorry to splash you all with Twitter names, but that’s the easiest way to work most of these, because that way we’re not giving out people’s full names without asking 🙂

Anyway, thanks again to everyone we saw, and sorry not to have had enough time to mention everyone we talked to. Thanks again to the team behind the IWA; it was an absolute pleasure to have been nominated, win or lose. Hopefully we’ll see everyone involved again sometime soon 🙂


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