LG Shows Off Solar-Powered eBook


LG has revealed its own ebook reader and, in a market where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between products, it boasts its own solar cell.

LG Logo

It looks as though the world has gotten itself into ebook readers in a big old hurry, and while Microsoft has denied the rumours that it has plans to get into the space, Amazon has recently announced that it intends to make its Kindle available worldwide, while Sony’s eReader is already available fairly globally. LG’s environmentally conscious take on the ebook reader is particularly interesting though.

It’s strange that the environmental benefits of using an ebook reader tend to be those touted least by companies selling them, which would seem to indicate that somewhere along the line, ebooks are less environmentally friendly than plain old paper. Inhabitat is carrying word that LG is to have a working model of its solar powered ebook reader at the International Meeting on Information Display later this week.

If that inefficiency comes from power then LG’s new ebook reader, with its thin film solar cell helpfully secreted in the front cover, could go a long way towards making the electronic book option a little more palatable for the environmentally conscious. We’re still not entirely sure if we think ebooks are A) definitely the way of the future and going to overtake regular books any minute or B) only likely to cause a huge amount of trouble in the long-term given the fact that we tend to do away with formats quite quickly…

You can read more about LG’s new ebook reader over at Inhabitat, where they’re conscious of both the environement and just how frustrating it could be to run out of power mid-book (a situation I hadn’t even considered until now, and fully fear).


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