Murdoch Claims Google Steals Content


News Crop.’s Rupert Murdoch has basically taken the time to stand up and complain about the fact that Google (and other search engines) has been stealing content from content producers.


Newsweek is reporting that Murdoch gave an ‘impassioned speech’ about the manner in which content is handled by search engines at the moment. Basically, Murdoch’s complaint seems to be that search engines, Google included, don’t need to pay for the rights to present news outlets’ content to their users.

Alongside Murdoch was the Associated Press’s Tom Curley, championing the same cause, saying that, “We content creators have been too slow to react to the free exploitation of news by third parties without input or permission.”

Naturally, the bit that everyone else has been most happy to point out is that this hasn’t been a one-way street. Google might well see bundles of traffic to its Google News service, but that traffic doesn’t stop at Google News; interesting headlines will see that traffic filter down to content producers, who make ads from the extra traffic.

Moreover, for all their crying about it, it’s not that hard to have yourself excluded from Google searches… it’s just that doing so would effectively amount to suicide on the part of a content producer. Google hit 90% of global search marketshare last month, which means that removing yourself from Google cuts off any chance of gaining that juicy audience.

Usually when people say something is “incredible” they don’t mean that it is literally hard to credit, but it’s perhaps the most accurate term to describe Murdoch and Curley railing at the people who almost certainly bring them most of their business…

If you’d like to read more about the whole News Corp. Associated Press search engine debacle, you can read it over at Newsweek, which takes an even more cynical view of the business than us.


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