Pirates Flock to Rapidshare


With the ongoing situation with ThePirateBay being essentially unreachable, it seems that more and more people are turning to direct download services for their illicit file distribution.


According to an article over at ComputerWorld, it seems that the fall of ThePirateBay, which has been felt all the more for the fact that other major torrent site Demonoid is down, has been driving pirates in their droves to consider other options on where to get their hands on copyright infringing goods. Those pirates, it seems, are turning to sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Sendspace and Hotfile.

As much as you might expect Rapidshare, which seems to be the worst offender when it comes to hosting material that infringes copyright, to be somewhat vigilant when it comes to illicit material, it’s been pointed out that without large scale illegal file-sharing, it’s unclear just how Rapidshare would make money.

That said, given the sheer amount of data that moves through Rapidshare (it’s said to be 10 petabytes), the staff needed to sift through every file looking for evidence of pirated material would be a bit on the heavy side. Naturally, even if Rapidshare did aggressively police itself for illegal material, there’s no guarantee that it’d work. There’s no reason for people not to simply start password protecting their dodgy material and uploading it anyway.

What’s perhaps most interesting is that, because of restrictions placed on free accounts, many users of upload sites (and really, Rapidshare is just the most prominent of a range of options) pay for the privilege. It’s strange to see a situation in which the subscription-based model suggested for a legalised version The Pirate Bay is roundly ridiculed, but in which people are happy to pay for a service from which to download files…


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4 Responses to “Pirates Flock to Rapidshare”

  1. Barry Says:

    I read some time back that Rapidshare were getting sued for illegal file sharing, 50m or something!

    I bet they lost some business since they introduced the cap on download, this was bound to happen, download files using rapidshare is a hell of a lot quicker then torrents

  2. Joe Murphy Says:

    I don’t think it’s that strange to see people wanting to pay for Rapidshare. It’s not all surprising to me that people want a clean, quick, accessible route rather than having to hunt around for material hidden behind DRM, or difficult registration, or tv network timetabling.

    Had major networks and labels responded to criticism that popped up during Napster’s brief life and delivered an equivalent to Spotify or Grooveshark, they’d have been rolling in it. More power to Spotify.

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