Wii Exercise Bike Confirmed


In a move that might be taking things just a touch too far, it’s been announced that a third party developer intends to bring an exercise bike peripheral to Nintendo’s Wii, matching up well with other exercise related content for the device.

It's a lot to take in...

It's a lot to take in...

It’s strange to have seen the explosion of Wii peripherals (including as it does both shotguns and American footballs) that’s grown alongside the console’s popularity. Perhaps the strangest so far though is word that Bigben Interactive plans to release its Cyberbike Cycling Sports pack with a full sized exercise bike.

TechRadar is reporting that Bigben Interactive’s play for the Wii exercise bike market will likely hit in January and that Cyberbike Cycling Sports will feature multiple game modes, including Fitness, Story and a multiplayer that supports up to four players without the need for additional bikes.

Overall, the whole thing is just so mad that it might well end up selling; certainly Wii Fit has managed to cement for people the idea of the Nintendo console as an exercise centric device, but a bike could prove a bridge too far, even for Wii Fit fanatics.

For now though, it seems unlikely that a Wii bike will manage to steal any of the spotlight from Microsoft and Sony’s upcoming motion controllers for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, whose lowered prices now seem set to compete for the Wii’s customers far more directly.


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