Bing Decline in Question


Reports of a fairly pronounced 5% drop in Bing’s user base earlier this month have now been contradicted, with new figures released showing a more respectable (if minor) growth.


Of course, the important news for those following Bing very carefully is that, depending on whose results you read, Bing could be at the beginning of a negative trend (haemorrhaging users to other search engines) or it could be continuing its streak of month-on-month growth since its launch, with last month showing a minimal, though still noticeable, gain.

According to TechCrunch, the biggest reason to pay attention to these latest results, which come from comScore, is that they’re the numbers “widely followed on Wall Street.” In that case, it looks as though Microsoft will be very pleased indeed with the news that its search engine is still growing its userbase.

Of course, the rest of the figures don’t differ too much from the numbers released earlier this month, with Google having been bumped up 0.3% and Yahoo knocked down by 0.5%. The issue here for Microsoft is likely going to be that it has an established history of eating Yahoo’s users, but this time it looks as though Google has taken the lion’s share of those former Yahoo users.


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