Firefox 3.6 Adds Accelerometer Support


Mozilla has announced that it is to add accelerometer support to its upcoming release of its Firefox web browser.


For those not in the know, accelerometers are sensors used by a device so that it can respond to changes in its orientation. If you’ve used a smartphone whose screen changes from landscape to portrait as the device is tilted then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Mozilla’s announcement means that from Firefox 3.6 web pages will be able to access your machine’s accelerometer, offering notebook users something a little different when it comes to full-scale web browsing.

According to Mozilla, the acceleromter support was “originally built as something that we would include for our upcoming mobile browser release, we’ve made it available on desktop systems as well.”

It’s certainly an interesting idea, and one we’re curious to see in action when Firefox 3.6 launches for public beta in the next week or so, but at the same time, there’s a lot to be said for the “how much use will this really see?” factor. If nothing else, accelerometer support seems ideally suited to the mobile world (that’s mobile as in, pocket, not mobile as in notebook) but far less so to the desktop.

Still, if the folks over at Firefox have found reason enough to add it to their mainstream browser then there must be some reason behind it. If you’d like to read more, including how to use the API, you can check out the[] blog on the topic.


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2 Responses to “Firefox 3.6 Adds Accelerometer Support”

  1. Joe Murphy Says:

    I suppose it would be useful to have the session manager save my tabs when I throw my entire desk at the wall.

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