Windows 7 Could Improve Mac Sales


It’s no secret that Apple’s popularity is on the rise, especially since the launch of the iPhone, but according to some analysts the launch of Windows 7 could well spur Mac sales.


It’s certainly interesting to consider that Windows Vista’s legacy might well be that it was, for some at least, the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to Microsoft’s OS offerings. Moreover, that seems not to be isolated to Windows Vista. According to CNN’s Fortune blog, it seems as though there’s a lot to be said for the impact any Microsoft release has on Mac sales, and it’s usually positive for the folks at Apple.

Bizarrely, it seems as though pretty much any Windows launch in the past decade or so can be seen to be followed by a bit of an uptick in the numbers of Apple machines sold (mostly in the notebook range, with desktop growth being significantly less noticeable).

Fortune quotes Broadpoint AmTech’s analyst Brian Marshall, who said of the relationship between Windows’ product launches and Mac sales, “We have concluded that no negative correlation exists on Apple’s hardware sales when Microsoft launches a new OS. Ironically, we believe new OS launches from MSFT may have even acted as a ‘delayed accelerant’ to Apple’s computing sales.”

Strange as it might seem, especially given the overwhelmingly positive response to Windows 7 from those already using it, it seems as though the analysts believe that Windows 7’s launch could help to shift more Macs.

Still, at least there’ve been far fewer reports of Windows 7 automatically deleting all of your data… unlike a certain OS we could name.


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