Next-gen DS to Use Tegra?


Rumours are leaking out that Nintendo has selected the Nvidia Tegra to be the device powering its next generation hand-held console, though relatively little is known about the device itself for now.

Embarassingly, I have a pink DS and I love it to bits :)

Embarassingly, I have a pink DS and I love it to bits 🙂

Word comes via BrightSideofNews that the Tegra architecture could comfortably ensure that the new device would be fully backwards compatible with current generation Nintendo DS games, meaning that those of us who already have a vast library of cartridges likely won’t see them rendered instantly obsolete; Nintendo has a habit of maintaining back-compatibility in the handheld market.

Of course, the real question all of this raises is just what we should expect from Nintendo’s next generation handheld hardware (which is rumoured to make its debut in 2010’s Tokyo Games Show. For now, the assumption seems to be that it will certainly be a next-gen Nintendo DS, but it would be equally interesting to see Nintendo working on a follow-up to the Gameboy line, which it has repeatedly stated the DS is neither part of, nor a replacement for.

Still, it’s interesting to see that the same hardware powering Microsoft’s portable media player (no longer, it seems, the “iPod Killer” it was originally touted as), the Zune HD, is to be powering Nintendo’s next generation handheld gaming device.

We’re very curious to see just that Nintendo decides to do with a next-generation handheld, considering what it’s managed to do with the DS, a device that’s sold around 111 million units worldwide to date (and going strong).


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