Mozilla Staff Rails Against Win7 Browser Options


Members of the Mozilla staff related to Firefox have had harsh words on Microsoft’s proposed, and now accepted, ballot box approach to browser choice in its Windows 7 OS, due for an October 22nd release.


The Mozilla Foundation may not have come out to criticise Microsoft’s “Browser Ballot” option to be integrated into Windows 7 in an official capacity, but it’s staff most certainly seems to have a very pronounced gripe with the situation. The latest complaints have been levelled by Firefox UI designer Jenny Boriss’ blog, where she takes serious issue with the proposed solution.

Microsoft was given the go-ahead to market test the ballot option on October 7th, to which Boriss responds fairly simply, “Awesome, right? Wrong.” According to Boriss,

“A ballot is simply not a god way to create more ‘user choice’ on the web.While literally giving users a choice, the ballot is unlikely to let users make an informed choice. A user simply can’t choose a browser that’s ‘right for them’ based on a logo and a couple of sentences. Side-by-side comparison works for items with easily comparable traits, like price or size or length of time. But browsing experience is just that: an experience. No one can rate experiences they’ve never had.”

Of course, it’d help if the couple of sentences on each browser told you something about the browser itself, rather than just desperately irrelevant marketing blurbs. Firefox’s snip says, “Can a browser really make the Web better? Try Mozilla Firefox and see for yourself.” It’d be a lot more useful to have said something as simple as, “Firefox supports extensions, check it out.”

We imagine this browser debate will only heat up once Windows 7 launches and we start to see how Windows 7 users choose to browse. It seems very likely that Google might come out of this very well, given its recognisability.


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