New iPhones Already Jailbroken


Earlier in the week news came out that Apple had started shipping its iPhone 3G S with a new boot ROM, one that would supposedly make it impossible to jailbreak the iPhone.


Naturally, the iPhone community soon got their hands on devices with the new boot ROM as quickly as they could and, within a week or so of Apple launching a device modified specifically so that it would be difficult to jailbreak… it’s been jailbroken. Perhaps most embarrassingly, it seems to have been jailbroken using a very similar exploit as was originally used, which the new boot ROM seems to have been deployed to block specifically.

According to the fine gents over at Wired’s GadgetLab, the newer iPhone 3G S has to be tethered to your machine to jailbreak it, which frankly doesn’t sound quite as difficult as an attempt to block jailbreaking might need to be.

While some have been screaming about the various legal reasons a body might want to be able to run all kinds of non-Apple approved code on their device, the fact is that many of those with jailbroken iPhones use them to pirate apps that are available on Apple’s App Store. Moreover, without Apple having to approve apps, who knows what nefarious deeds they might be used to carry out?

Still, it’s interesting to see how quickly the iPhone community has managed to crack Apple’s security updates. If you’re more interested in just how the whole thing works, you should check out the GadgetLab piece on it.


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