Nokia in Trouble?


Nokia has revealed a decline in smartphone sales, bringing it from 41% of the market to 35% over the July-to-September period.


Nokia hasn’t been having the best of years; news that the company’s profits were down by 66% for last quarter may have come as something of a surprise, but since then news of a decline in smartphone sales won’t be quite as shocking. Yahoo News places the blame on ongoing competition with device’s like Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry range and Palm’s Pre.

As the folks over at Yahoo are so swift to point out, it’s not that Nokia’s smartphone offerings lack the features of their rivals, but that they certainly lack the same kind of appeal and fashionability that helps maintain other smartphones. Moreover, Nokia’s naming trend, including such serial-number-sounding as gems as the N900, N97 and N97-mini.

Of course, Nokia’s not being nearly so bleak about the whole affair, with Nokia’s CFO Rick Simonson saying that, “We are going to see improvements there as we are going to see new, fresh models replace older models.”

Certainly things are looking a little bleak for the folks over at Nokia, but with any luck their upcoming netbook, the Booklet 3G, currently set for a November launch, could do a lot to pull them out of their current situation and restore share prices.

If you’d like to read more about Nokia’s financial situation, including far more numbers, then you should check out the Yahoo News article on the current state of Nokia’s smartphone marketshare.


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