Is, Ironically, Done


Ben Dunne has killed off his own latest project,, admitting that the service simply didn’t garner the kind of numbers it would have needed to be maintained.

Ben Dunne

According to the Herald, Dunne’s site, which was to offer a simple ‘Buy and Sell’ style approach to selling online, was taken down yesterday, having not quite taken off. Dunne himself described the project in fairly harsh terms, telling the Herald that, “It was a disaster. It had to be taken down because there were a lot of snags. Far more than I thought we would have.”

Of course, any who had visited the site late last week may have had some inkling that all wasn’t right with as it was observed to be simply showing a teal background and no other content. At time of writing, there’s been no change. It’s interesting to note that Dunne hasn’t killed the project off entirely though, and plans to give it a go again in the beginning of 2010.

Still, if you’d like to read more about and his own views on just why the whole idea hasn’t worked out then you’d do very well to check out the Herald’s article on it. Essentially though, it seems all to have been summed up fairly succinctly by Dunne himself, who is quoted as having told the Herald that,

“It just didn’t perform at all. Even with a small bit of flow it was stalling. If you have it wrong, you’ve got to stop it.”

It’ll be interesting to see just how Dunne intends to make the site work after Christmas, when it seems he’s determined to crank it up again. The biggest worry now will likely be that the project will already have been seen to have failed once, and so may garner significantly less interest when it’s effectively relaunched later.


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2 Responses to “ Is, Ironically, Done”

  1. Barry Says:

    Bill Cullen, The Apprentice: “Ben You’re Fired”

  2. oliver layden Says:

    well done ben…you tried….and no doubt you will try again…

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