Intel To Release Low Cost SSDs


Reports indicate that Intel is to release a “value-based” solid state drive range in the fourth quarter of this year, which would hopefully see increased adoption of SSDs among consumers.


Aside perhaps from maximum capacities available, price has long been the biggest barrier to widespread adoption of solid state drives in the PC sector, now though, it seems that Intel could well be setting out to reverse that inequality. According to TomsHardware, sources close to the company (listed as “an Intel partner) have informed the publication that Intel is to launch a new range of SSDs under the name X25-X.

It’s fairly quick to point out that these new, lower-cost SSDs won’t be able to keep up with their higher-end competition, with Intel’s current range of SSDs boasting up to 250MB/sec read speeds where the upcoming offering will weigh in at closer to the 170MB/sec. Write speeds are similarly lower.

Of course, for those who had been looking to get into the SSD crowd but hadn’t been able to justify the cost, this is excellent news. Naturally the lower read/write speeds will mean that some won’t be nearly as tempted by the new range of X25-X SSDs as they had been by Intel’s current offerings, but for those of us looking to drop an SSD into a notebook this will be welcome news indeed.

The first drive to launch is set to be 40GB and launch at $160, with no word yet on a European launch date or pricing at all. If you’re interested in more details then you should check out the TomsHardware post on the new Intel drives.


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One Response to “Intel To Release Low Cost SSDs”

  1. Thomas Mc Gonnell Says:

    Well, that is great news! I’m sure they’ll still have a significant speed increase over a regular HDD anyway.

    Just I hope they will support TRIM, any word on if they will?

    Still though, I won’t be buying one of these as my X25-M:80gb is nothing but lethal! One of the best buys I ever did. Just less than 15 mins to install Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

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