Plastic Logic Shows Off Sexy Ebook Reader


With all eyes on Amazon’s European launch of its Kindle ebook reader, Plastic Logic has managed to steal a little of the limelight with the revelation of its Que ebook reader.

Plastic Logic Que Ebook

Plastic Logic’s Que boasts a plethora of features that cast Amazon’s Kindle in a fairly poor light. According to Gizmodo, its enviable features include a “shatterproof” capacitance based touch-screen that compliments the e-ink display neatly. It also boasts both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, which means that it’s the Kindle’s equal in terms of networking.

Of course, the one space in which it’d be hardest to beat established devices like Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s eReader is always going to be in the services they offer. While Amazon has access to its own massive book catalogue, Sony boasts compatibility with Google’s library, which means they’ve got more than a million books before you start looking into paid publications.

Instead of trying to compete with those kinds of established services, Plastic Logic’s Que is to be targeted at the business crowd, who are to use it for the various documents they encounter during the course of their hectic, business lives. There will be a tie-in with Barnes & Noble’s ebook service, but Plastic Logic is stressing the document side anyway.

It’s interesting to see that one of the most attractive ebook readers is coming from a company without its own ebook service to back it. We’re curious to see if this is the kind of revelation that might inspire other hardware manufacturers to get into the ebook game…

You can check out the Que Reader in more detail over at Plastic Logic’s official page for it.


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