Special Offers – Week of October 19th


Good afternoon all, hopefully Monday finds you guys as well as it does us. For those of you who aren’t familiar with our Monday afternoon blog posts, we try to get up a post every Monday to detail the special offers we’ll have for the week. We like to get it up at the start of the week to give people as long as possible to weigh up their options 🙂

Anyway, without getting bogged down in all that, this week we have a gorgeous set of wireless Sennheiser headphones, a Netgear’s NAS setup, and a PowerColor Radeon HD 5870.

Sennheiser Headset RS 120:

Sennheiser has an excellent, and thoroughly deserved, reputation for excellent quality, both in terms of the physical build of a product and the sound reproduction its devices manage. Sennheiser’s RS 120 is one of the most elegant wireless setups going.

Click through to see our page for Sennheiser's RS120 :)

Click through to see our page for Sennheiser's RS120 🙂

Sennheiser’s RS 120 itself is an excellent setup, elegantly constructed (much as it might look a little cluttered in the image) once you’ve separated it from the charging loop. Essentially, they behave like any other high-quality set of wireless headphones, only when you need to charge them you just hand the headphones themselves on the charge loop, at which point the metal conducts precious charge to your battery.

If nothing else, it’s among the most convenient charging setups for any headset going and finally removes all of the fiddly cables from the arrangement (barring the one that you use to plug in the charging loop). It’s an excellent arrangement.

Sennheiser’s RS 120 is down to €62 this week, which is a nice, round 10% off. They’re a superb piece of kit, well worth checking out.

Netgear Stora Home Network Storage:

Netgear’s Stora is an solid, reliable piece of equipment into which you can drop some storage, then attach it to your network and use it to keep all of your media (be it music, video, etc.) or just keep a nice, regular backup of a machine on your network.

Click through to see our product page for the safe-like Netgear Stora :)

Click through to see our product page for the safe-like Netgear Stora 🙂

The Stora comes with a 1TB Western Digital hard drive installed, and it’ll support a second drive, for those interested in adding that bit more capacity to their network. For those who are already looking at NAS options, it might well be of interest to note that the Stora will talk to your various accounts on Facebook, Flickr and iTunes, which means you can have it manage your media a little more closely, if you’re so inclined.

Apart from that, the Stora boasts support for Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X and Linux. There’s no word yet on Windows 7 support, but we imagine it’ll follow shortly after the launch.

Anyway, as we said above, this model includes a 1TB Western Digital HDD, which makes it a solid deal at €175. If you’d like to see more detail you should check out our product page for the Netgear Stora, where you should be able to find just about everything you’ll need.

PowerColor Radeon HD 5870:

PowerColor’s Radeon HD 5870 is a solid graphics card with DirectX 11 support and a maximum output resolition of 2560 x 1600. It boasts 1GB of GDDR5 memory and an 850MHz processor. As well you might expect, it connects via PCI Express.

Click through to see our page for the PowerColor Radeon HD 5870.

Click through to see our page for the PowerColor Radeon HD 5870.

We generally say this when we’ve got graphics cards on offer, but those interested tend to all want different things from a card. Since it’s a lot faster and easier to read from the specifications of the device, you can check out the “Additional Product Information” tab for the PowerColor Radeon HD 5870.

Aside from that, it’s worth pointing out that the HD 5870 is marked down to €369 this week. It’s also worth noting that it already boasts support for Windows 7, which should be good news for anyone looking to make the jump to Win7 when it launches in three days time, or anyone who’s already using the Windows 7 RTM.

iPod Touch 64GB

Last, but by no means least, we have Apple’s new 64GB iPod Touch. The new third generation iPod Touch boasts both a higher capacity and a faster processor than the second generation, while it features the same slimmer body.

Click through to see our page for the 64GB iPod Touch :)

Click through to see our page for the 64GB iPod Touch 🙂

The new iPod Touch, with its combination of an improved processor and a far higher capacity, lends itself ideally not only to music and video, but to Apple’s now phenomenally successful App Store. As Steve Jobs expressed when the third generation iPod Touch was announced, a significant amount people who own the iPod Touch own it so that they can get in on the App Store action without

This is our first Day Breaker offer for this week; the Day Breaker is basically an offer we do where the product on offer changes every 24 hours. For today, the iPod Touch is marked down to €359, which puts it around €10 cheaper than most other retailers 🙂

You can check out the 64GB iPod Touch here.


That’s it from us for today, hopefully there’s something in here for everyone, because it’s a good mix of solid products. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as physically possible.

Apart from that, hopefully we’ll all have a good week 🙂


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