Apple Sales Peak – iPod Still Dying


Apple has released fiures to describe just how well it’s managing this year, and it’s great news for the iPhone and the Mac, less so for the iPod.


The Mac and the iPhone lines led the way, with Apple having sold 3.05 million Macs in Q3 alone, which is certainly impressive. That shows a 17% increase on last year, which is no mean feat given their relative expense when compared to other machines. Similarly, sales of the iPhone grew, though by what TechCrunch estimates to be a far more pronounced 626%, which is particularly interesting.

The truth is that there are all kinds of reasons for the vast increase in the numbers of iPhones shifted, not least of which the fact that the iPhone 3G S was announced relatively early in the quarter. Still, the figure of 5.2 million iPhones sold is particularly impressive.

Of course, it’s not all wine and roses, Apple’s iPod line has continued to deteriorate. The company did manage to sell 10.2 million iPods in Q3, but it’s starting to look fairly obvious that pretty much every time sales of the iPhone see a bump, the iPod takes a hit.

It’s been suggested before that Apple is cannibalising its own media player, but given the truly phenomenal success of its App Store, it seems as though Apple stands to gain a lot more from customers buying an iPhone than an iPod.

That said, these figures may be a touch skewed by the fact that the latest additions to the iPod line (in the form of the third generation iPod Touch and the slimmer 160GB iPod Classic) came too late in the quarter to effectively make their presences felt. It’ll be interesting to see iPod sales for the next quarter to see what kind of impact the new releases have had once they’ve had time to gain some holiday season traction.


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