Office 2010 to Enter Public Beta


Microsoft has announced that its upcoming version of its Microsoft Office suite will enter public beta at some point in the next month.

Microsoft Office 2010 Logo

Microsoft seems to be most pleased with the sheer amount of positive publicity it managed to garner by making Windows 7 available to anyone who wanted to give it a lash long before release. The decision to offer a public beta of Office 2010 could very well be an extension of the same reasoning; if they can get it out to customers they’ll not only have more people testing and reporting bugs, but they’ll stand to generate a bit of hype for the product without paying for the marketing themselves.

Of course, Office 2010 won’t be alone in this campaign, TGDaily is reporting that Microsoft will be offering a public beta of Sharepoint 2010 as well. They quote Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s description of Sharepoint and Office 2010,

“By taming the overflow of information across systems and technologies, Sharepoint enables organisations to thrive. Sharepoint 2010 is the biggest and most important release of Sharepoint to date. When paired with Microsoft Office 2010, Sharepoint 2010 will transform efficiency by connecting workers across a single collaboration platform for business.”

It’ll be interesting to see how well Office 2010 is received by beta users. Certainly there’s a lot of space for a public beta among the student crowd, many of whom will have been the same users who participated in the public beta of Windows 7. Sharepoint is going to be another story though. It’s hard to see how Sharepoint will be received in beta if only for the fact that it targets business users, and many businesses won’t be willing to move to a beta of a product.


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One Response to “Office 2010 to Enter Public Beta”

  1. Donagh Mc Sweeney Says:

    Office 07 was such a breath of fresh air compared to the previous offering. 2010 seems to be advancing those strides forward so i don’t think it’s going to be as revolutionary. I can’t see many of those that upgraded to 07 changing to 2010 really!

    I hear the giant office button in the top left corner has been redesigned for a new, smaller one! Didn’t mind it too much myself but it seems a lot of people didn’t have a clue that you could click on it. lol.

    I’m excited about the ‘Backstage View’ feature that’s on the way! It looks like more of a Dashboard you’d find on a social site than a file menu!

    Sharepoint is just a local installation of Groove with a few tweeks isn’t it? although I haven’t looked at it much!

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