YouTube to Stream U2 Live


U2 has announced that its upcoming concert in California, this coming Sunday, is to be available to those of us not able to attend live via a YouTube stream of the event.


Regardless of your stance on Bono (and we’re sure pretty much everyone has a stance on Bono), it’s interesting to see U2 streaming content live via YouTube. It’ll also be very interesting to see how much of a logistical headache it is to manage. The BBC is carrying the story, in which it notes that, according to the band’s manager, Paul McGuinness, the set was to have been filmed regardless, which means that it presents a perfect opportunity to extend the party beyond the stadium.”

It’s been confirmed that the content will be ad-supported, but for now we have no clear indication of just what form that advertising will take. While we’d like to imagine that there’ll just be the usual slider for Google ads, it seems far more likely that there’ll be something a little different, given the likelihood that this event will be a one-off view for most, where much of YouTube’s content sees repeat traffic.

Regardless, those who want to watch it can do so by hitting at about 0330 on Monday. It’s as honest a use as any to put a bank holiday to 😉


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