Apple Adds New Macs, Ditches Mighty Mouse


Apple has added two new iMacs and a new MacBook to its Mac line, which we learned yesterday was performing better than ever it has before. It’s also dropped the Mighty Mouse in Favour of the “Magic Mouse.”

Apple's new mouse boasts multi-touch support.

Apple's new mouse boasts multi-touch support.

For those who weren’t glued to the Apple Store page yesterday evening hammering the F5 key with wild abandon, the new iMac’s come in 21.5 and 27-inch flavours, boasting a variety of Intel processors, from Core 2 Duo to Core i5 and Core i7 quad-cores. Similarly, the old white polycarbonite MacBook that many had said was on the way out has been updated, with Apple touting it as a sub $1000 Mac (though $999 isn’t very sub $1000).

The real news, for many, will be Apple’s new mouse, which takes the place of the much-maligned Mighty Mouse. The “Magic Mouse” comes just a week after the release Microsoft’s very impressive video from its Microsoft Research team working on multi-touch sensitive mice. While Microsoft Research hasn’t yet decided on just how it wants its multi-touch mouse to work, Apple has just come straight out and launched one.

For the most part, the gesture control on the Magic Mouse seems to ape that of the multi-touch supported MacBooks. It makes a great deal of sense, given that the functionality is already part of the OS, but it’ll be interesting to se just how much Apple lets user customise the experience.

It’s been no secret that the developer behind Multiclutch (a Mac OS application that lets the user set their own multi-touch gestures for individual programs) was snapped up by Apple quite recently, which is why there’s been no update to the app for Snow Leopard. A multi-touch input device is certainly the kind of thing that could be benefitted by his expertise, but for now we’ll need to just wait and see what comes out of Apple next.


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