Black Wii to Launch for Christmas


Nintendo has announced that it is to launch a limited edition version of its Wii games console in black, complete with the black Wii remote that recently popped up for sale in Japan.

When I first saw this image, I felt a return to the Wii excitement of three years ago. Nostalgia for better days.

When I first saw this image, I felt a return to the Wii excitement of three years ago. Nostalgia for better days.

The upcoming addition to Nintendo’s console line up is vaguely reminiscent of the days when Nintendo hadn’t yet got a name for the console, and was still referring to it under the codename “Revolution.” Back then Nintendo’s mock ups were always shown as red, white, black and green, which indicated more choice than the Wii ever really offered. Now though, we’re told that the Black version of Nintendo’s Wii is to launch in the UK and Ireland on November 6th.

The new Black console will launch as part of a bundle, which is set to include a black Wii remote (as we’d said above), a black Nunchuck add-on for that remote and a black Wii MotionPlus. As you might expect, it includes the usual Wii Sports pack in as well as the Wii MotionPlus enabled Wii Sports Resort, for those looking to get more precise motion sensitive gaming done over the Christmas break.

Of course, given the track record of Europe being the last region to see releases like this (barring the poor devils in Australia, of course), many are questioning the release of a Black Wii here before in other regions. Bizarrely, this may just be similar to the situation with Nintendo’s DS Lite, which at launch was available in black only in Europe.

Interestingly enough Nintendo’s senior product manager for Wii, Rob Lowe, told MCVUK that, “Nintendo has always takent he European market seriously and this isn’t the first time a product has launched in the UK or Europe before the US. We are keen to launch the new black Wii in time for the Christmas sales season and this starts slightly earlier in the UK and republic of Ireland.”

No argument there, but we’re curious to see how well the black Wii holds up to the same kind of dust and smudging the white version seems to wear so very well.


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One Response to “Black Wii to Launch for Christmas”

  1. Limited edition black wii bundle Says:

    This black wii look the part and although they are otherwise the same as their white cousins they do seem to make playing more fun. Must be physcological

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