Media Player Sales to Outdo Blu-Ray This Christmas?


With the Christmas season starting to crank up in earnest (you can tell when the ads start hitting the telly), we’re starting to see an increase in sales of both HD media players and Blu-Ray, but it’s interesting to see how well media players are performing.

Western Digitals Media Player is among the most popular.

Western Digitals Media Player is among the most popular.

This might be a little stinted, because of the fact that a lot of our customers tend to be quite technically minded, but we’re seeing a massive surge in the sales of media players and adaptors (like Western Digitials HDTV Media Player). Certainly they’ve grown to be among our most popular products, especially given the Irish fondness for external storage.

The fact is, a lot of us have an external drive knocking around that does nothing but media storage, and buying a media player that can adapt that drive into something you can plug directly into your TV (whether HD or otherwise) is an attractive offer. It’s long been the case that the Irish market is one in which external storage sells unusually well, so it seems only natural that people would want to capitalise on external drives with devices that make the move from formats like AVI to high-definition displays easier.

Moreover, it looks as though people are finally starting to get sick of the necessity to rebuy everything they’ve owned after every “format war” to determine what kind of media we’re all going to stick with. With digital content, the ability to keep backups and not clutter up shelving is a bigger bonus than many will account for, and while we don’t condone piracy, for those with massive archives of media (whether legal or not) there products like the Media Player certainly offer an irresistible allure.

Of course, the real question we have to ask now is whether or not Blu-Ray will be the last disc-based format for widespread dissemination of media. Certainly it seems as though digital distribution seems to be the way we’re going, but brick and mortar shops aren’t going to disappear. It seems very likely that physical media isn’t going to disappear anytime soon, but when it does, devices like the WD HD TV Media Player will likely have been the cause of its demise.


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