Windows 7 Shipping Early in the UK


Some Microsoft customers living in the UK will have been pleased to find that their copies of Windows 7 (which is due to launch tomorrow) have been delivered early thanks to the looming threat of a postal strike.


The whole thing really kicked off when it came to light that one CNET reader had received a copy of Windows 7 on the 19th, which seems peculiarly early. Sure enough though, more and more confirmations started to stream in of copies of Windows 7 that had been pre-ordered turning up before the official launch of the product (that’d be tomorrow, for those who are keeping track).

Apparently, the whole business stems from the threat of a strike from Royal Mail staff. It seems that Microsoft has given the go ahead to some retailers to start shipping their pre-order customers out copies of the latest iteration of Windows.

Of course, you know that things have really started to get out of hand when Amazon starts shipping your OS ahead of time. If nothing else this will meant that we’ll be seeing some early feedback about what people who may not have been in the fairly widespread beta think of Windows 7.

Reviews tend to be quite different when you talk to someone who’s actually shelled out some of their cold, hard cash for a product, so while we think the Windows 7 reviews will remain popular, it’ll still be interesting to hear what the paying customers have to say about Windows 7 and how well it lives up to the fairly heavy expectations people have on it.


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