Apple Patent Reveals Ad-Powered OS


A patent application filed by Apple reveals what appear to be embryonic plans for an advertising-led operating system.

Mac os Cougar

Apple is a company that clothes itself in glossy style and elegance, it’s practically made its fortune in the notebook space by making sure that it has some of the best looking equipment going… and Mac OS is certainly part of that. Now though, according to a patent filing noticed by the folks over at Engadget, Steve Jobs himself is listed as the brains behind a patent for “Advertisement in Operating System.” If you think that sounds bad, it does get worse.

The idea seems to be to provide an operating system to those who, for one reason or another, don’t want to pay for one, which makes sense… but the trade-off is unreal. The patent allows not only for “visual or audible” content to advertise, but also advertising that “disables one or more functions [of the OS] while the advertisement is being presented.”

Naturally we’re always going to see the worst in something that vague, but it’s not hard to imagine an advertising-funded OS in which a video advertisement is played that cuts across whatever you’re trying to focus on and just happens to disable your ability to mute the whole thing until it’s gone.

The future is looking scarier and scarier.


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One Response to “Apple Patent Reveals Ad-Powered OS”

  1. jokerman5 Says:

    I’ve heard there are some wildlife groups trying to get Apple to do more stuff with Snow Leopard conservation groups in regards to the new snow leopard application lol. I don’t know- people are saying it’s good PR for Apple- they should jump on that.

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