Google to Launch Music Service


Google is preparing to launch its own music service “imminently,” lining up to take on services like Rhapsody, Spotify and even Apple’s seemingly unassailable iTunes.


TechCrunch was first to break the story, but details have started being turned up by other groups since, having learned from “multiple sources” that Google had spent the past few weeks grabbing up content for the launch of its upcoming entry to the web-based music market. The service has been tentatively referred to as “Google Audio” though for now there’s no indication of whether or not that’s the name we’ll see when it launches.

Google is set to formally announce its new service to the press on October 28th, so until then details are fairly thin on the ground. The guys over at TechCrunch seem to think that the most likely service is one in which users will be able to throw a music search into Google and then stream content directly from one of the partners it’s enlisted for the service (companies that already have access to bundles of media, most likely).

It’s certainly interesting to see Google getting in on the music side of things, especially because we’re seeing Google get a little closer to treading on Apple’s toes with the iTunes connection. Moreover, Google’s service might lack a lot of the attractive features of Spotify and Rhapsody (independent applications, playlist sharing and collaborative playlisting included), but it does have the one thing that the Google brand and search integration lends any project – ubiquity.

Whether or not the fact that literally 90% of the global search market is using Google’s search engine can turn its upcoming music service into a success will be interesting to see, but it can’t really hurt.


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