HP Touts Touch-Screen Win7 Display


For many, Windows 7 seems to be a working replacement for Windows Vista, but it does add an awful lot, including a feature called “Touch Pack” that allows reliable integration of touch-screen displays with the OS.

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For those already using touch-sensitive displays (and HP has been marketing them on machines like its TouchSmart for a few years now) the addition of the Touch Pack to Windows 7 will be welcome news indeed. One of the biggest problems with touch-sensitive displays is that different manufacturers had different ideas about how their functionality should be employed in Windows itself.

Now though, with Windows 7 boasting a far more unifying attitude to touch-sensitive displays, the way is clear for hardware manufacturers to make touch-sensitive displays something more than a one-off addition to a single machine or line of PCs. Instead, HP is gearing up to launch a touch-screen display that will take advantage of Windows 7’s Touch Pack.

Word comes via TomsHardware that HP’s new display is a 21.5-inch, boasting a multi-touch enabled, camera-based touch arrangement. For now, we’re more than a little curious to see how well it performs, but HP is confident that its camera approach is as sensitive as a capactance-based touch-screen.

For those who suffer (as we do here at Komplett) from stubby finger syndrome, the biggest advantage to an optical touch setup is that you can use a stylus, which enables a far more accurate method of using the display. It might seem simple, but as anyone with big hands who’s typed on an iPhone will tell you, it’s a massive bonus.

We’ve no word for now on a European launch of the device, but we’re told it’ll set customers in the US back around $300 when it releases there, which means that it’s not just a touch-screen display for your desktop, but an affordable one.

Of course, the price won’t solve the issues that come with a vertical touch-screen, your arms are probably going to get tired enough to encourage you to use a mouse again fairly quickly, but it’s still an interesting release.

If you’d like to read about it in more detail, the folks over at Tomshardware have all of the relevant specs 🙂


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One Response to “HP Touts Touch-Screen Win7 Display”

  1. Debroux Frédéric Says:

    I wonder if touch screen is the future?

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