Amazon to Launch Desktop Kindle


Amazon is rounding out its Kindle offering by making the its range of ebooks available through an application, which acts as both the shop from which users buy books and read them.

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Amazin has announced that the new, desktop-based Kindle service will be launched at some point in November, and that the application itself will be free. Users will be able to convert Kindle ebooks into other formats for ease of use. For now, there’s no word on whether or not we can expect to see the Kindle application make an appearance on Mac OS or Linux, but it will work with every version of Windows from XP up to 7.

Amazon has been kind enough to post a list of features for the Kindle, but since it’s the popularity of the physical Kindle and the Amazon ebook library offering that make it so attractive, those features aren’t particularly impressive; it’s very hard to tout the ability to, “Choose form over 10 different font sizes and adjust words per line,” though Amazon is trying.

If nothing else… we’re going to have to eat our words a little here. It’s hard to swallow this much pride, but it’s starting to look as though Steve Ballmer was right when he said that Microsoft had no reason to launch an ebook reader, because Windows was already the most widely adopted ebook reader available.

Of course, it would have been nice for Microsoft to be looking forward to making money off it, but clearly Ballmer was right. Amazon wouldn’t be marketing Kindle at Windows users if there were no demand for the service.

You can check out more details on Amazon’s Kindle for PC page, it’s an interesting idea, but I’m still convinced that without a dedicated device the ebook magic doesn’t carry quite as far.


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  1. Scottie Casas Says:

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