Mozilla Raindrop to Cure Email Headaches


Mozilla has announced a new service from the folks who brought us Thunderbird, called Raindrop, the aim is to make it easier to manage all of the conversations people get involved in from day to day and ditch the chaff from mail-zealous services.

Mozilla labs raindrop

It seem like an odd goal, but Raindrop seems to take the idea of keeping all of the various Web 2.0 conversations that people get embroiled in from day to day and making them all easily accessible very seriously indeed. The aim is to provide a “mini web viewer” that pulls all of your “conversation” from the different media you use in an attempt to minimise the time you spend actually browsing around for them.

So far they’re talking about condensing email, Twitter and RSS feeds into one specific service and allowing you to manage all inside your browser, rather than in a specialised application for each. It’s also nice to see that it’ll run in Mozilla’s own Firefox, Apple’s Safari or Google Chrome, with Opera and (perhaps more surprisingly) Internet Explorer fans apparently left out in the cold.

It’s also nice to see that, given how simple the descriptions of Raindrop have been, Mozilla has posted a video of the service in action. It’s a solid looking service, and one that could well act as a bit of a filter. Given the sheer amount of services that push directly to your mail, the idea seems to be to categorise them according to importance. In their own example, it stops messages from your mom being bumped out of the way by messages from Facebook…

Certainly the point about email having gone from a scenario in which every mail received was something sent by another person or, at least, a service you cared about hearing from, is well made. Whether or not Raindrop will gain enough traction is something we’ll just have to wait and see on, but it’s certainly an interesting solution to the problems that email just wasn’t build to deal with.

You can check out the video of Raindrop in action, with a commentary that summarises the idea behind it quite well, over at the Mozilla Labs page for Raindrop.


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