Wider Smiles – Longer Weekend


Good afternoon all, hopefully Friday’s been as kind to you guys as it’s been to us, but if it hasn’t there’s always the little bit of relief that comes with knowing the weekend is only a couple of hours away… and it’s a lot nicer when you know it’s going to be a nice long weekend 🙂

Anyway, for those who don’t normally follow the blog too closely, we like to post a little something to cheer people up – see if we can’t inject a little humour into a Friday afternoon that’s just dragging by. This image was floating around on Twitter earlier in the week, though nobody’s told us where it was snapped we liked it so much we had to post it:

I'm not sure if it makes me happy it's there or sad I can't tweet about the fire...

I'm not sure if it makes me happy it's there or sad I can't tweet about the fire...

I had meant to post this one last week, but it got away from me a bit. For those who haven’t seen it yet, I can confirm that Google Wave is pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to be.

Not everything about it is as new and innovative as you'd imagine

Not everything about it is as new and innovative as you'd imagine

I snapped this one myself while I was out and about during the week doing a little bit of shopping. I thought you guys might appreciate it. I’m aware that it’d need an apostrophe to say what I thought for a split-second it was trying to say, but I still loved it,

They start younger and younger...

They start younger and younger...

I usually only post videos to the blog that are either funny or genuinely very scary. This one manages to be just a bit of both. I don’t like to admit too much about this, but I have a minor obsession with Kernkraft 400. I hadn’t seen the video in literally years, until I mentioned the song the other day and someone linked it to me.

What were we thinking in the 90s? It’s as though the whole human race collectively forgot that we got to decide what was cool…

That’s it from us for this week guys, I hope you have a fantastic long weekend. If any of you will be at LanParty.ie’s 48 hour LAN event (starting tonight) I’ll be there for as long as I can stay awake tonight. If any of you are there, you should know what I look like. If you don’t, leave a comment here and I’ll add a photo so you know who to come and say hello to 🙂 I’m pretty dreadful, so if you shoot someone with the name “SirJolt” that’d be me, most likely.

For those I won’t see at that, have a great long weekend. I’ll be back here bright and early on Tuesday morning, though if I get a chance during the day on Monday I’ll do up a Special Offers blog post, just because that’s a Monday thing really 🙂


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3 Responses to “Wider Smiles – Longer Weekend”

  1. Alex Leonard Says:

    Wow. That video is truly remarkable.

    I like the fire escape message 🙂

    Totally didn’t realise it was a long weekend this weekend. Not that it’s going to affect me, I’ll be working through the whole weekend – but at least I can work on music all day Monday and not worry about clients calling me.

  2. Oisin Says:

    This wasn’t a satisfying post for me … considering I saw all the pics and the vid with you last night over chinese …

    • komplettie Says:

      Getting to meet me in person doesn’t entitle you to give out… Otherwise this LAN business is going to be hard to deal with. Also, I didn’t play you the Zombie Nation one yesterday. The cream of the crop!

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