Facebook Adds Profiles for the Dead


Facebook has announced that as part of it latest update it is offering “memorialised profiles” for those users who have passed on, giving those of us with profiles somewhere to collectively grieve.


The news was announced yesterday by a blog post on the official Facebook blog, which informs us that once a Facebook profile has been “memorialised” it has all of its status updates and contact information removed. The account will rendered impossible to sign into. This means that your friends list on the day you pass away is likely not going to be changing at all.

It’s interesting to see the reasoning behind the memorial accounts; given the new way the “suggestions” box appears on Facebook since Friday night, Facebook can now ask you to get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to for a while. Memorialising an account will stop that from happening, which could certainly mean Facebook causing less trauma to the friends and loved ones of someone who’s no longer around.

Of course, we’re fairly likely to see the memorialising of someone’s page appaear as a kind of prank as much as anything else. If you notice someone is going away for two weeks, it’s not all that unusual to pop a message sending condolences on their Facebook page and watch the feathers fly when nobody can ring or contact by mail. Memorialising could render that a permanent state.

In any case, you’ll need to contact Facebook with this form to have their profile updated to a memorial profile. You’re required to provide proof, which should act as a solid filter for prank memorialisations. Also, if you’re viewing Facebook in “pirate speak” then the form is headed “Sent to Davy Jones’ locker.”


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2 Responses to “Facebook Adds Profiles for the Dead”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    I’ll admit that part of me finds this funny, but obviously it can be quite upsetting. But this is like something I plan to do using Unix, the Cron daemon and Perl scripts. The perl to keep my Hotmail account active, so that it can send a series of emails and I’ll connect up ALICE A.I. to my IM client so people can still chat to me. I’ll become one with the Force, I mean Internet!

    • komplettie Says:

      That’s actually quite cute… I’m not sure I have the technical know how, but I’d love to produce enough content to ensure that people kept receiving mail from me long after I’m gone 🙂

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