Google Launches Social Search


Google has launched a new search option, Google Social Search, which aims to make it easier to find results relevant to people you actually know.


Word comes from the Official Google Blog of a new feature being rolled out via Google Labs. Google’s issue with its own search seems to be that it can very quickly become difficult to find things by content producers with whom you’re actually friends. The idea is that you add your various social networking profiles to your Google public profile page and then you’ll be able to find content from those users in the Social Search section of a Google search.

Of course, it’s all well and good to have social search as an option, but given the fact that you need to actually sit down and add your various social networks to your Google profile, it seems likely that many will opt not to bother with Social Search if only to avoid the minor headache of getting it all set up.

By now, between Gmail, Google Wave, Google Health, Google Voice, Google’s social networking platform Orkut and now Google Social Search, it seems as though we have a great many Google profiles to keep up to date if we want everything to talk to everything else in just the right way. For a company whose speciality seems to be in joined-up-thinking, it’s strange to see Google services starting to sprawl like this.

Still, of all the various Google Services we might not get a chance to fully set up, Social Search seems like it might actually be quite useful. The introduction of Social Search could well introduce a personal touch to the web that hasn’t really existed before.


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