Microsoft Ditches Family Guy Special


Plans for a Microsoft sponsored Family Guy special, originally hoped to boost media exposure for Microsoft’s Windows 7, have been curtailed, with Microsoft pulling out.

It had looked like a scary new world for marketing...

While many had questioned the sense of Microsoft’s decision to sponsor the event, “Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show,” it seems that Microsoft itself didn’t reconsider until its staff had a chance to actually sit down and watch some of the show itself. Variety is reporting that the show contained “typical ‘Family Guy’-style jokes, including riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest.”

Judging from Microsoft’s response (that is to say, the abrupt cancellation of a previously arranged sponsorship for an event already filmed), it seems clear that whoever was behind the whole affair wasn’t quite prepared for it to contain the usual Family Guy style of content.

The fairly obvious question to pose from there becomes, “Did Microsoft intend to air a neutered or somehow watered down version of a show that already has quite a devoted fan base?” If so, it seems very difficult to understand just what Microsoft stood to gain from the whole affair. For those who haven’t seen anything of it, it didn’t seem like a particularly solid bet…

Regardless, we’ll be curious to see just what state the show is when it eventually does air, and whether or not it’ll have another big name sponsoring it. Certainly, it’d be a massive PR coup for someone like Apple, Firefox or any number of Microsoft competitors on other platforms to snap it up.

If you’d like to read more about the whole kafuffle, including word from a Microsoft Spokeswoman on how the “content was not a fit with the Windows brand,” then you should check out the piece in Variety.


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3 Responses to “Microsoft Ditches Family Guy Special”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Windows 7 Family Guy spot worked perfectly, lots of buzz, and now even more buzz…. job well done Microsoft!

    • komplettie Says:

      Very good point, but it casts MS in a very bad light. Now they look like a company that ran into something popular that it didn’t fully understand and had to pull out at the last minute. Not a great relationship for a brand.

  2. efenem Says:

    hahaha love the family guy especially peter (the retard), meg (the punching bag) and stewie (the gay baby)… I also put my own words on family guy hope you drop by at

    Nice blog~

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