MSN, MySpace to Team Up on Music


Microsoft’s MSN is talking to MySpace about some kind of teamup on digital music, given MySpace Music’s focus, it could well be a hard sell.

MySpace is going to need to work on its logos...

With Facebook and Google having recently teamed up with to offer their own digitally distributed music services for less than Apple’s iTunes and web-based but free (respectively), word that MSN and MySpace’s are in the early stages of discussions of a joint music venture is simultaneously interesting and unsurprising.

AllThingsDigital broke the story, reporting that MSN Music “consistently ranks substantially lower than other big online music properties in terms of traffic, while MySpace Music is always near the top.” Clearly, from MSN’s point of view it’s a bit of a dream marriage. Similarly, for the MySpace folks (for whom everything but music has been sliding for quite a while now) a marriage to MSN could provide a bit of an injection of interest.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft and News Corp manage to bring anything interesting to the digitally distributed music game. If nothing else, Facebook’s elegant integration of “gift points” for music is something that the service could well seek to emulate, but having so few users by comparison it would almost certainly be a less popular option.

It seems that any new offering from MySpace Music and MSN would need to offer something that neither Facebook nor Google can. For Europeans that would be fairly easy, in that doesn’t offer anything to Europe… Certainly it’d be an impressive grab for MSN and MySpace to offer a service here before either Google or Facebook can, but we’ll have to wait and see on it.

If you’re interested in more details in the fledgling operation, you should check out the AllThingsDigital report on it.


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