MySpace Enters Talks with Facebook


In what looks very much as though it could be part of MySpace’s effort to gear itself in a more media-centric direction, MySpace and Facebook have entered talks to allow the dissemination of content across both.

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TheRegister is carrying word of the meeting between the two, pointing out that it’s as close as we’ll ever see to a “formal admission of defeat for the Murdoch-owned site.” Of course, an admission of defeat in the world of social networking is one thing, but given MySpace’s rumoured involvement with MSN Music and the idea that the two could be building a music service between themselves, it’s far more interesting indeed.

It seems a fairly natural move for MySpace, especially if it’s moving into the content business, to court a company like Facebook, which boasts an almost unchallengably vast audience.

Of course, we won’t know just how the two will relate to one another until there’s a formal announcement, but TheRegister is putting its money on the idea that it would see MySpace supplying media (both music and video) to Facebook via its own API, which makes a lot of sense.

For now we’ll have to wait and see, but it seems as though things are really shaking over at MySpace (if not at Facebook). This could certainly be an interesting move for independent artists with MySpace pages and streams setup, given the difficulty that same setup entails on Facebook.


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