Nintendo to Launch New DS


Less than a year after the launch of the DSi, the successor to Nintendo’s DS Lite handheld, Nintendo has announced that it is to launch another new model of its tremendously successful portable.

Nintendo DSi

The new DSi boasts a far larger screen setup than the current device, and is rumoured to include Nvidia’s Tegra chipset, for which it had been reported Nintendo recently signed a deal with Nvidia. Gamespot is reporting that the biggest change to the new DSi that’s been confirmed so far though is the screen size, which has now been stretched out to something a bit bigger than the current 3.25-inches. It’s unlikely to replace the current DSi for a few different reasons.

While many have been quick to criticise the new model of the DSi, the word for now is that the newest version of Nintendo’s handheld is set to target old-aged potential gamers in the same way as the Wii had. Sadly, older people are more likely to have difficulty with the small screen size of the current DSi model. A model with increased screen size would mean significantly decreased portability, so we can likely expect a new DSi not to replace the current model.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not the larger DSi sees a launch outside Japan, especially considering that the new price pushes the hardware up to the $205 dollar mark, which means we could well see the price of the DSi outstrip the price of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 within this year…

It’s a strange time for the games industry when handhelds are starting to cost more than established current-generation consoles.


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