3 Month Marketing Internship In Komplett


Komplett is offering a 3-month marketing internship to anyone who has an interest in e-commerce and online marketing. The position will be directly under the wing of Country Manager, Aaron McKenna, who tells us that in addition to requiring somebody to make him coffee throughout the day, he’s seriously looking to teach some bright spark a thing or two about marketing in Komplett and put them to doing some serious work. Full details of the position after the jump, apply via jobs.ie

For our office in Ballycoolin, Blanchardstown we are looking for an:
Online Marketing Intern

This is a 3-month internship in one of the leading e-commerce companies in Europe that will see you gain hands-on experience in the areas of:
-Webshop Management and Optimisation
-Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
-Social Media Marketing
-Price and Product Strategy
-Analytics Interpretation

The successful candidate for the internship should:

-Show a demonstratable interest in online marketing in particular
-Have some knowledge of HTML
-Have an interest in our product portfolio – computer components and consumer electronics
-Be willing to apply themselves fully to learning new skills and competencies

Terms of work:

The internship will last 3 months. It is unpaid. Komplett will contribute towards travel expenses to and from work. Candidates are expected to apply themselves fully for the 3 months and be committed to working hard and leaning new skills and competencies along the way.


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