China Claims Google Censors It


After years of back and forth over Google’s openness in China, it seems that the Chinese state-run newspaper, the People’s Daily, has accused Google of censorship.

Google China

Despite the fact that the whole business is dripping with irony, the whole business seems to be quite serious. TheRegister is reporting that the People’s Daily is accusing Google not only of censoring it, but of “maliciously” doing so. It’s claiming that the issue stems from the publication’s questioning of Google’s book scanning project, which is something that’s seen fairly widespread criticism for copyright issues.

Of course, the folks over at Google have been fairly open about it, claiming that the search engine removed the listing for People’s Daily’s “Book Channel” because of an apparent malware threat coming from the site.

Google has responded to the accusation of censorship by telling the Associated Press that the malware warning was entirely automatically generated and that the claim that Google is censoring content from the People’s Daily is “absolutely incorrect.”

Of course, despite the mountains of irony, Google being accused of censorship isn’t too uncommon an occurrence. Being accused of censorship by a country seems a bit more serious though. We’ll have to wait and see what Google does, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the whole thing blow over fairly quickly.

If you’re at all interested, you should check out The Register’s article on it, dripping with sarcasm as it is.


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