Google, MySpace Team Up For Music Service


Google has revealed all of the manifold details of its upcoming music service, previously rumoured to be Google Audio but not confirmed to be named, a little more confusingly, Google’s Music Onebox.


Perhaps most ironically is the news that Onebox will actually be run by a combination of different services. According to a TechCrunch report from the media event those involved have put together, Google is to be teamed up with MySpace as well as for content. While LaLa’s involvement had already been confirmed, and MySpace and LaLa had been rumoured to be working on something together, it’s a strange move for MySpace.

Strange it may be, but not entirely out of character. MySpace has been carefully repositioning itself as a content provider rather than a social networking site. Moreover, given the fact that LaLa is already providing content to Facebook, and MySpace has been trying to get itself into Facebook’s media usage since the beginning of this week.

For now, the service as we know it is set to see users able to drop search terms into Google and be presented with an option to stream the song that matches those keywords. It’s a simple enough way to manage it alright, but it seems that it may tread on the toes of another Google owned operation in the form of YouTube, which has long been a fine source of legal streaming music.

For now, there’s no word on just what we can expect to see for those of us in Europe, but given the fact that LaLa only offers its music services in the US you can imagine they’ll not be managing too much content over here. Whether or not MySpace can offer something more will be interesting to see…

If you’re at all interested you really should check out the TechCrunch piece on the new music setup, which is very interesting indeed. They’ve got an awful lot more detail than us, including some stuff on just how it’s going to be rolled out to our friends in the US.


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