Sony Planning Another PSP?


Reports are starting to mount up that Sony already has plans for another model of its PlayStation Portable hardware in the mix and readying for production in 2010.

This makes a lot of sense, the PSPgo is pretty ugly...

Sony has just launched the PSPgo, but with the price of the hardware putting it at fully €50 more expensive than some of the home console offerings, including the cheaper version of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, it’s been a fairly hard sell. One of the most widespread complaints has been of issues with the lack of removable media, the PSPgo having dropped the UMD drive originally used to play games and movies on the system.

Rumours abound for now about what the eventual PSP-4000 model might contain, but TomsGuide seems to have a fairly firm grasp on what we can expect to see. They’re claiming that the UMD drive will make a comeback, with the PSPgo then becoming the black sheep in that it’ll be the only model not to have support for the physical media.

The rest of the suggested specifications are a little less interesting, with TomsGuide intimating that it’ll sport a similar setup to the PSPgo, including 16GB of storage. It’d certainly be interesting to see the old PSP format revived, but there’s no way to know just what we can expect for now.

There’s more detail over at TomsGuide, you should check it out if you’re at all interested. It’s strange to see this news come out in the same week as the news that Nintendo is considering revamping the DSi to have bigger screens (for elderly users).


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